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Older workers: what do they offer & need?

We have an increasingly ageing population, and corresponding ageing workforce. In light of this a review of the literature was recently completed considering: the ageing workforce; how organisations are changing to accommodate an ageing workforce; the impact of workforce and organisational changes on older employees in the future. Some background to the ageing workforce and


Employee engagement stagnates: what can HR do to turn the tide?

Although we collectively lived through a global pandemic in the past 18 months, employee experience across different countries varied. Western European workers may have had the benefit of an increased focus on employee wellbeing, but they’ve come out of it less engaged. How can this be and what can HR and leadership teams do to


Employee belonging: What has been the human cost of furlough?

In July the UK’s pandemic furlough scheme reduces, before it closes fully in October. At last count on 31 May 2021, 2.4 million people were furloughed, across 30% of UK employers. In total, 11.6 million jobs have been supported by the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). Without it, the loss of employment would have been


On-boarding: The first 100 days – a seven-stage action plan

In 1933, when Franklin D Roosevelt talked about the importance of his first 100 days in office, he can hardly have imagined that the concept would be relevant to the upper echelons of business almost a century later. Today, the term ‘on-boarding’ has come to mean the introduction of a new leader to a company:


Social media screening – is it ethical?

Social media is one of the most popular forms of communication in the 21st century, with over 1.6 billion monthly users. Anyone can connect with anyone else, or find out information about them that may not otherwise be available. Social media and recruitment With this in mind, it was only a matter of time before


When and How Employers Should Respond to Employee Activism

​Employee activism is rising and becoming a defining feature of the modern workplace. More than 80 percent of employers expect a rise in activism among their employees by 2024, according to research by global law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. However, there is no uniform definition of what employee activism is or includes, or a singular


Viewpoint: What to Do If Your Team Doesn’t Want to Return to the Office

​As the pandemic continues, there are growing tensions at organizations where employees who have been working from home are now expected to come into reopened offices. Many knowledge workers—who have happily shed their commutes, decreased their interaction with difficult colleagues and let go of other frustrations of the office—relish the freedom, flexibility, and the increased


10 Signs Your Employees Are Suffering From Stress and Anxiety

  Taking more time off work than usual Greater use of substances such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs (prescription and illegal) Increased irritability, poor concentration, reduced productivity Deteriorating personal or work relationships, including bullying behaviours Becoming more ‘emotional’, moody or over-reactive to what others say Starting to behave differently that’s out of the norm Changing


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