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What is Audax HR?

The best way to describe what we do is that we are the “Amazon” of HR Services. Audax HR is a consortium of over 73 highly educated, credentialed and dedicated professionals and vendors averaging over 20 years of proven experience in a variety of industries. Our company is based on the principle that HR is best implemented with a broad range of technical experts that have proven experience in small domestic companies to highly matrixed global organizations. Our teams are credentialed in each of their expertise assuring that our clients get up to date information and trends happening in today’s quickly changing world.

Audax HR provides client telephonic, project work, and/or on-site consultation support with a Strategic Advisor, HR Professional, Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, Risk, and Financial Consultants. We work with a variety of sources and vendor arrangements to provide the best solutions for our clients tailored to their specific needs.

Audax HR focuses on improving clients’ profit through organizational efficiencies, and employee and customer satisfaction. Our business approach is entrepreneurial based. We look for opportunities to assist clients’ needs by thinking “outside the box”.

​Is Audax HR a PEO?

No, but we do provide similar services. Our pricing is much simpler than in PEO models with no hidden fees or additional costs. With Audax there is no co-ownership of your employees. For more information on PEOs, please click here.

​How are you different from traditional HR philosophies?

At Audax HR, our team of certified professionals think beyond the boundaries of conventional HR to create the right strategy and utilize data analytics to deliver strategic, cost effective, and bold solutions to our clients. Armed with the quantifiable data we gather from your organization and a variety of industry resources, we will build custom balanced reports, benchmarks, dashboards, and solutions. These metrics can service your organization to differentiate you as a preferred employer in the marketplace.

​Our practice is driven by the importance of attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent for your organization while maintaining or reducing costs. This approach consistently results in improved productivity, financial performance, and increased employee satisfaction.

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