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New Company Startup

Starting a new business is an exciting and daunting task.

Everyone has fears that they will lose their investment and let down the people they love by failing.

How should you think about HR for your startup? It’s about creating plans, policies, and processes that meet short-term needs and budgets while taking into account long-term risks and goals for your “human resources”. Startups rarely have dedicated HR staff, and often one person who may or may not have experience in HR handles hiring, payroll, benefits, grievances, promotions and other employee-related tasks. It’s also just not very common for startups to prioritize HR as a concept!

There is always a level of risk when starting a new venture but let Audax relieve some of the burden by helping you along the way whether is one location or multistate on obtaining FUTA & SUTA numbers, applying for insurances, navigating government employment regulations, selecting systems, hiring, or negotiating with vendors.

Here are 25 things that we are here to assist in setting up a strong foundation to jump start your organization in the right direction:

  1. Determine what employment regulations apply to your organization based on industry, locations, and size
  2. Be a neutral third party to assist with the selection of employment options and negotiate on your behalf.
  3. Review if there are health or safety laws with which you must comply
  4. Create company handbook that meets local, state, and federal regulations
  5. Provide job descriptions that are Department of Labor, IRS, and ADA compliant
  6. Review compensation levels compared to market with a study to create a competitive salary structure
  7. Arrange for any recruiting requirements
  8. Setup background and drug testing if necessary
  9. Discuss various employment profile and skill testing that can have positive impact on selection and retention
  10. Extend offer letters as needed
  11. Provide separation assistance or WARN notices for layoffs
  12. Create a company new hire orientation and review company culture
  13. Help you with setting up a payroll-HRIS vendor that best meets your needs and budget for employees and any independent contractors.
  14. Provide and customize any necessary forms or agreements such as application, expense reports, job demographics
  15. Setup any necessary time and attendance tracking
  16. Look into any employment tax opportunities such as WOTC and Enterprise Zones
  17. Implement and onboard your employees
  18. Assist with appropriate business insurances of general liability, E&O, etc. for your business
  19. Arrange for employee benefits insurance coverage if needed
  20. Discuss any type of employer sponsored retirement plans (qualified and unqualified)
  21. Talk to an accountant about your tax obligations & record keeping requirements
  22. Inquire about workers compensation insurance and unemployment insurance if you will be hiring employees
  23. Arrange supervisor and employee training on basic topics to protect the organization
  24. Provide required employment posters
  25. Handling employee communications and be a resource for both employees and employer


New Company Setup Planning rates: $175/hour (multi-service bundle discounts available).

New Company Setup Package: We will make sure your company is properly setup and provide virtual support on the above items for 3 months to assure the organizations needs are met. Based on your estimated number of employees the first 90 days see chart:

New Company Setup Pricing Audax HR

​New Company Setup Package & Total HR Support Combo Package: Because you didn’t go into business to handle employment related items, understand we did and let us handle it all. We understand that in a startup cash flow is important, if you combine our New Company Setup Package with one of our Total HR Management packages your organization can spread the costs into equal payments to assist your organization with cash flow up to a year.

Call or email for quotes or for more information on the complexity and hours projected for your specific project.

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