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About Audax HR Services

Our Story

Audax HR Services was started by a group of HR professionals that kept getting personal calls from their friends and family members that were small business owners needing help on employment-related items. It was obvious that there was a gap of service providers in an affordable price bracket to assist these types of businesses. Then there were calls from colleagues that needed another set of hands on shorter-term projects such as implementations or special one-time requests like a compensation study.

Then there were calls from venture capital and private equity companies for help with stabilizing their companies, preparing them for mergers, acquisitions or selling. Even more requests would come in for recruiting, training, confidential investigations, help with government agencies and reporting. New startup companies didn’t know what options they had to incorporate HR functions into their businesses aside from using a PEO. One thing they all had in common was a limited budget and a lean company model. Audax was created to help companies of all sizes fill the gaps they have in various HR needs.

The word “Audax” is Latin for BOLD, which represents how we approach finding solutions for our clients. And while we like to charge ahead like a bull for our clients and their employees, we are respectful and careful while doing so. Our company is multi-dimensional, and nothing is as black and white as it may seem which is how many traditional HR people think. For businesses, many situations and issues can fall in a broader gray area. Our job is to provide various bold solutions using quantifiable data, so decision makers can make informed choices. Take the bull by the horns and let Audax HR guide you in finding the best HR solutions for your business.

“Providing High Level Custom HR Services to companies to fill the gaps and manage their business more effectively!”
“Delivering bold and cost effective solutions tailored to your company needs based on quantifiable data for solid results!”

Our Philosophy

At Audax HR, our team of certified professionals think beyond the boundaries of conventional HR to create the right strategy and utilize data analytics to deliver strategic, cost effective, and bold solutions to our clients. Armed with the quantifiable data we gather from your organization and a variety of industry resources, we will build custom balanced reports, benchmarks, dashboards, and solutions. These metrics can service your organization to differentiate you as a preferred employer in the marketplace.

Our practice is driven by the importance of attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent for your organization while maintaining or reducing costs. This approach consistently results in improved productivity, financial performance, and increased employee satisfaction.

Our Strategy

The most successful companies in today’s marketplace are those that utilize a cohesive blend of strategic and tactical HR practices. Audax HR Outsourcing provides you with unprecedented resources to support your business in the areas that matter most. With a dedicated team of highly educated and credentialed HR professionals, you will be free to focus on the strategic elements of growing your company.

By using our services, you will improve your administrative and operational HR, all while reducing your internal costs, risk and exposure. So why do companies outsource HR?

When you enlist the services of the firm, our proven human resource professionals are actively and personally involved every step of the way, from planning through implementation, to assure the program meets your objectives and budget considerations. They are available to work with you on an interim basis or as consultants on short term assignment, depending on your needs.

"Comprehensive HR support allowing you to focus on your growth and opportunities!"

Audax HR Services is a much better solution, scaled to fit your business needs.

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