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A Case for Audax HR

The most successful companies in today’s marketplace are those that utilize a cohesive blend of strategic and tactical HR practices. Audax HR Services provides you with unprecedented resources to support your business in the areas that matter.

Our service models are built on the core premise not every company is the same and HR needs may vary depending on organizations goals and the times. Our model is designed to provide the best level of support whether it is virtual and/or on-site.

Audax HR also believes in simple pricing models that don’t have a bunch of hidden fees. We also don’t believe in long term contracts, since your business needs change frequently. We have created a scalable cost-effective solution for the HR needs of your company. Our services begin with analyzing your current vendors and making recommendations that fit the organization’s needs for the best solutions to make your company stronger and stay ahead of any employment changes and regulations while increasing your profits. We support your organization with a team of HR professionals with a variety of experiences.

You could hire one HR Manager or you could hire a Chief HR Officer (CHRO) and his team of experienced certified HR professionals with Audax HR for 75% less.

You aren’t on the “clock” for billable hours with our Total HR Management solutions like you would be with traditional HR Consultants or Attorneys. Our Virtual model starts about what you would pay for one hour of a consultant and we bring much more to the table and monitor your business to make sure you are up to date and not just when you have a problem. We continuously look to gain efficiencies as your company grows vs just hiring more people. Our Complete and Absolute models can supplement or completely replace an HR department for a fraction of the cost.

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