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Employee Relations & Terminations

Employee relations is a tricky subject, encompassing everything from bullying and harassment to appropriately terminating an employee.

Some of the statistics on employee relations issues may surprise you as well. Did you know that 48% of employees report that they have experienced abusive behavior at work, and that managers spend at least 24%-60% of their time resolving employee relations problems?

​While this is a hot topic, not every company has an employee relations specialist. Nor does every company apply its employee relations policies correctly. So how are managers responding, and what’s the impact on the workplace?

  • ​22% of employees are less engaged at work because of workplace conflicts.
  • It takes 45 days to get new employees acclimated with their new job and 20% of turnover happens within this time.
  • Almost 60% of human resource managers have seen violent incidents as a result of workplace conflicts.
  • Only 12% of U.S. employers act to eliminate workplace bullying and 25 % of workplace bullying cases are not investigated.
  • 66% of employees say their direct manager has an impact on their career.
  • 48% of American adults report experiencing abusive behavior at work.
  • 58.9% of organizations track employee relations matters.
  • Give employees 30 days to change before initiating the firing process.
  • 42% of companies have intra-office dating policies with 99% of organizations ban intra-office dating between employees and their supervisors.
  • One-in-four women are sexually harassed at work.
  • 84% of senior business executives see favoritism in their own companies.
  • Out of the 46% of new hires who fail within the first 18 months, 89% was for attitudinal reasons, 11% was for lack of skill.

​There are specific ways to handle employee relations issues and staying organized is key. Employee relations solutions, like those in our Total HR Management Services, can keep your company in compliance in order to lower the risk of legal and financial litigation. Take our risk-free assessment to find out how you can better manage employee relations issues within your organization. Audax HR will individually assess you’re organizations needs to implement new polices and refine current policies. We are here to assist with difficult employee issues you don’t know how to solve. Even if you have an HR staff, they may be overburdened with EE problems, so we are here to be your backup when needed. The more involved employee relations cases may require a corrective action plan, an investigation or possible termination of one or more employees.


Employees land in hot water for many reasons, some inexplicable to employers—some predictable. Some are a result of employees’ inappropriate expectations. Termination is a serious employment action that when initiated by the employer is generally the culmination of a series of progressive disciplinary actions. Sometimes, however, employees may need to be fired immediately by egregiously violating documented company policy. Let Audax HR assist you with avoiding many of the pitfalls employers face, such as retaliation, during the termination process.


Consulting rates: $175/hour or multi-service bundle discounts available and this program is included in our Total HR Management Services packages which start at $250 including unlimited employee relations consulting and termination assistance.

Call or email for quotes or for more information on the complexity and hours projected for your specific project.

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