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Employment laws can be complicated and vary by business type and location. As an employer, it’s critical that you understand your obligations. An employee handbook is a document generally outlining a business’s rules, policies, expectations, and often benefits for their employees for easy reference It provides a resource for employees to look up company key policies themselves on things they my not feel comfortable asking their manager or HR department about early in their employment.

An Employee Handbook ensures consistency in your employee relationships and explains the policies that make your company unique. General Employment, Mission, Benefits, Personal Conduct, Vacations, Holidays, Pay Practices, Leaves of Absence, Drug and Alcohol Policies, Rest Breaks, Discrimination, Harassment, Process for Compliant, Safety, Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees, Progressive Discipline, Non-Solicitation, Confidentiality, Social Media, and Legal Disclaimers – just to name a few – are all included in a handbook.

An employee manual should be well-organized, clearly written with a logical structure. Depending on your business and where it is located, you must have certain legally required written policies (such as an anti-harassment and internal reporting procedure policy for California employers).

Handbooks are MUST-HAVE for any business. Maybe your business has grown to the point where it makes sense to get your policies in writing. It could be that you want to streamline onboarding for new hires. Or maybe your company encountered a challenging situation between coworkers, or even experienced an employment lawsuit, and you want to help protect yourself from future incidents. Perhaps you already have a handbook but you know that it hasn’t been updated in several years and is not longer compliant with the current laws and regulations.

Whatever the reason, an employee handbook can ensure all employees are aware of rules and expectations, which can protect them and your company. By clearly setting out company policies, employee handbooks can help promote a positive, productive, and safe work environment — free from improper or harmful conduct. As a result, the handbook can protect the company from sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination lawsuits and can help you when defending a lawsuit. For example, if an employee is let go, having an at-will policy clearly documented in the handbook can help show your company was legally in the right.


Audax HR is well versed and experienced in handbook creation. We can update your current handbook or create a new one for employers in any state or in multiple states. The average handbook takes approximately 40 hours to create. After your handbook is completed, Audax HR will publish it in a PDF and Word format, so that it can be given to every employee in your company. You may also opt to have us print hard copies, but a digital version is more environmentally friendly and easier to keep up to date.

Handbook Consulting & Review: $175/hour (multi-service bundle discounts available)

New Handbook: $1000 to $3000 depending on complexity, industry, number of employees and locations. This is included in our Total HR Management packages for no additional cost.

Printing: Call us for quotes from one of our vendors. Turnaround can be as fast as 48 hours on printing.

​Call or email for quotes or for more information on the complexity and hours projected for your specific project.

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