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Risk Management - FAQ

Do all businesses have some level of risk?

​Unfortunately, even business with two employees have some level of risk. No business escapes the impact of people, so risk must always be a topic of focus.

​How does risk management relate to Human Resources?

​So many of the specific activities HR performs focus on risk management, even if it’s not directly stated: job analysis, writing job descriptions, handbooks, hiring, orientation, training, employer/employee interactions, performance appraisal, compensation, and discipline. The HR discipline strives to focus on minimizing the negative people impacts within an organization to the employer and even the employees themselves.

​How is the practice of risk management changing in our current society?

​In our relatively new information age, policies and practices must be implemented to reduce the occurrence of data breaches, cyber terrorism, and online bullying and harassment. Companies now have a presence on social media platforms that need to be monitored as an organization’s online reputation now is as important at the traditional “word of mouth” kind.

​What HR functions fall under risk management with a breakdown of potential risk components?

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