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How 2020 will reshape HR’s role: 5 trends to watch for

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With 2019 winding down, HR pros are all wondering what new workplace trends 2020 will bring.

Well, look no further! The experts at Glassdoor have answers for you in their Jobs & Hiring Trends for 2020 report.

Here’s what Glassdoor says you can expect to see in the new year.

1. AI will play a bigger role in the workplace

Between apps to schedule meetings, chatbots for customer service and software to sift through candidates, experts are predicting the use of artificial intelligence to increase greatly in 2020.

Many companies are already using AI in some form or another, but in the new year, Glassdoor is predicting management will be taking advantage of it — specifically to help perform routine tasks such as scheduling, budgeting and communicating.

For example, some managers are using AI to help coach employees in real-time. Software can offer instant help or suggestions to employees, or give immediate feedback to sales and customer service staff.

This form of AI can guide employees without managers physically having to be there.

2. Culture will become the focus of the hiring process

In 2019, a lot of employers became aware of just how important a good company culture is. In 2020, more progress is expected to be made.

With a culture-first mindset, business leaders will be focused on employee engagement now more than ever before.

What’s responsible for this shift? For one, candidates are getting smarter about doing research on companies before accepting offers — and they won’t go somewhere employees are miserable.

But mostly, companies can clearly see the positive effects a healthy culture has on their employees and business overall. Financial performance improves, innovation goes up, and it’s far easier to attract and retain top talent.

Here are some of the key values Glassdoor says contribute to a great culture:

  • collaboration
  • diversity
  • innovation
  • integrity, and
  • respect.

3. Diversity and inclusion will become a priority

Between the #MeToo movement and the shocking lack of diversity in C-suites across the U.S., employers will certainly be keeping diversity top of mind in 2020.

In fact, a recent Glassdoor survey found that 64% of companies are investing more in diversity and inclusion efforts now than they were before. And between August 2018 and August 2019, job postings targeting diverse candidates rose 30%.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are nothing new, but employers are now putting money into specifically recruiting and retaining diverse talent. Another key element to success in this area is getting leaders and managers on board, from the top down.

4. Employers will see more baby boomers in the workforce

Nicknamed the “gray wave,” more people over the age of 65 will be working and actively job hunting next year. Over the next 10 years, 61% of the 65-plus workforce will postpone retirement and keep working.

What’s behind the rise of the boomers? They’re healthier and also want the additional income more than previous generations.

5. Job searching will happen on mobile devices

People use their phones for everything from shopping to dating to looking for jobs. And candidates today want a quick and easy way to apply.

In 2020, employers will see the importance of streamlining application processes and making them mobile-friendly. No one wants to miss out on all the talent that’s ditching their desktop computers and searching for employment on the go.



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