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Employers Are Hiring More Remote HR Leaders

Data indicates that employers are hiring for more remote senior roles as they decide to sustain remote workforces. An analysis from jobs site Indeed found that job postings are now twice as likely to mention the ability to work remotely than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, postings for senior-level remote jobs increased by 22 percent


Which Type of Recruiting Is Best for Finding Diverse Leaders?

​There are two main ways that employers work with outside recruiters: on a contingency basis or through a retained search. Each option has its benefits, but which type of recruiting is most effective when sourcing senior-level diverse candidates? Toya Lawson, a partner at Bridge Partners LLC, has 20 years’ experience working in both retained and 


How HR leaders can ensure the best talent drives innovation

Technology has had an undeniable impact on both our professional and personal lives – and never more so than right now. Social distancing measures and the subsequent shift to remote working, socialising and collaborating led to businesses and families alike embracing technology as they never had done before. Everybody wants to reap the rewards of

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If Work Is Remote, How Can You Stand out as a Top Employer?

Flexible schedules, working from home and well-stocked snack stations—perks made popular by tech organizations that trickled down to the rest of the country—aren’t relevant in a COVID-19 world. While many companies have pivoted to remote work, attracting and hiring candidates has changed. HR must look for new options to move candidates from offer to employee.

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AI-Based Hiring Concerns Academics, Regulators

Researchers are raising questions about the growing array of new digital tools employers are using to streamline the hiring process. They are studying new sourcing and recruiting platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as algorithm-heavy screening and interview software that analyzes and ranks job applicants. Policymakers are concerned, too. “Proponents

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Marijuana Use Up Among Workers; Opioid Use Down

More U.S. workers are testing positive for marijuana while the number testing positive for opioids continues to decline, according to the annual Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index. Based on an analysis of nine million drug tests conducted in 2018, Quest determined that 5.1 percent of the general workforce tested positive for drugs and another 2.7


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